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House Doctor wholesale furniture and home décor

Here at Entertainment Trading A/S you can find all the news from House Doctor and be inspired by the wide selection of home accessories and interior design. House Doctor offers everything from small vases and glasses to table chairs and trolleys, but common to all their collections is the beautiful design and modern look. Among the most popular products, you will find the simple shelves and the rustic plates that complement the simple decor. Get inspired here with your House Doctor supplier and complete your selection of home décor and furniture.

House Doctor uses only the best suppliers in the world to deliver their products. The products are designed in-house, which means that the company does not outsource the design process. House Doctor sells many products. In fact, they make products for every room in the home. They have something for the bathroom, office, kitchen, living room and much more. They even have outdoor accessories. In our wholesale catalog of products from House Doctor you can find many different objects in different materials, shapes and surfaces.

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House Doctor is known for having an impressively wide range, almost regardless of the type of product in question. When we talk about furniture, you can find things such as lamps, coffee tables, dining table chairs, trolley tables and benches in our wholesale catalog. When you buy furniture from House Doctor, you can expect the latest and greatest designs. It is especially in the design phase that House Doctor has their great strength. Although House Doctor is known for making beautiful furniture, it is not what they are most known for. House Doctor is first and foremost known for their beautiful interiors and decorative items. This could be, for example, some cozy light chains, a beautiful laundry basket, a smart carpet, a nice flowerpot, romantic lanterns, or maybe even some practical dishtowels.

In addition to offering a large range, House Doctor is also a brand where customers really get some value for their money. Quality is always in focus at House Doctor, and their items can be purchased at reasonable prices. This of course applies especially to Entertainment Trading A/S, where we always offer the sharpest wholesale prices on products from House Doctor. Choose us as your House Doctor distributor and get competitive prices and worldwide shipping.

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House Doctor - Paper - Natural (262240301)

House Doctor - Paper - Natural (262240301)


House Doctor - Ground Flowerpot (205420071)

House Doctor - Ground Flowerpot (205420071)


House Doctor - Bihar Dish cloth - Black (204036060)

House Doctor - Bihar Dish cloth - Black (204036060)

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