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If you are looking to buy household appliances to sell in your store or web shop, then the products from Electrolux are worth a look. Electrolux has a strong international position and is one of the leading companies in household machines and machines for professional use worldwide. With Electrolux you get solutions for a wide range of individual needs in the home with an always stylish design. At Entertainment Trading A/S you will find everything from electric kettles and mixers to irons and steamers in our large wholesale Electrolux assortment.

Electrolux has for many decades been working with innovative household machines, with the aim of making everyday life a little easier. Whether the need is to fight the dust in the home with a powerful Electrolux vacuum cleaner or cooking with smart kitchen appliances in the kitchen, Electrolux is the right choice. With Electrolux, you get modern Scandinavian design quality that is also sustainable.

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When it comes to finding the strongest products on the market, Electrolux is a great choice. Among their products you will find a wide selection of test winners, whether you are looking for kitchen machines, appliances or vacuum cleaners, then the products are created to be used. With products from Electrolux, you get innovative and test-winning products that make your everyday life easier.

In our wholesale catalog you will also find spare parts and accessories for Electrolux products, such as vacuum cleaner heads and air purifier filters. Choose Entertainment Trading A/S as your Electrolux distributor and explore a wide range of everything within Electrolux. Order in bulk and get global shipping.

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