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Buy Philips Hue lights from one of the most reliable distributors worldwide. Are you looking to buy lights and bulbs from Philips Hue in bulk, then you've come to the right place. Philips Hue brings soft light and the full color palette into the home with a huge selection of smart bulbs, lamps and more. There are solutions for the entire home; the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom and the garden. With Philips Hue you can synchronize the light with a smart TV so the light follows the colors of movies or video games. It creates an entertainment experience. All lamps and bulbs from Philips Hue are LED, which keep the electricity bills low and helps the environment.

A Philips Hue bulb can be connected to all lamps, and you do not need a Philips Hue lamp to use the intelligent bulbs. The bulbs connect to each other via Zigbee signal. The lightbulbs connect to the internet by a Hue Bridge, and it is this that makes everything work together. Philips Hue also offers products that connect via Bluetooth. A Hue Bridge is not needed here, but it also creates some limitations. If Bluetooth setup is selected, a maximum of 10 products can be connected, instead of 50 with a Hue Bridge. You also need to be at home in order to control the light, as Bluetooth needs to be connected.

Get access to LED bulbs and lamps

Philips Hue is intelligent lighting that is controlled and set up by an app. The light can be turned on and off or make it brighter or dim it from the app and a timer can be set. A lightbulb or lamp that supports color options can switch between 16 million colors. Most Philips Hue bulbs in our selection support color options, but we also offer bulbs with only ‘white light’. The ‘white light’ varies from soft cozy lighting to bright and focused light. In our catalog you will also find a lot of accessories for Philips Hue; a wireless remote control and a movement sensor so the phone is not needed to turn the light on or off.

In our Philips Hue range, you will also find starter kits so any beginner can join. Starter kits contain various bulbs and accessories, so you can test the white light, or all the color options is what you need. All starter kits also include a Philips Hue Bridge, so you can easily expand with more bulbs. Do you need competitive prices on Philips Hue bulbs and worldwide shipping, then choose Entertainment Trading A/S as your Philips Hue distributor.

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