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Classic garden equipment for the quality-conscious home gardener from Gardena

Gardena manufactures garden tools in a very high quality. They can be used for a wide variety of purposes and with their smart combi system you get an even more flexible system. Their long experience means that today they manufacture garden tools that suit modern human beings. Some enjoy walking and cuddling in the garden, while for others it is a duty. With Gardena there is room for both. Buy Gardena wholesale products from our B2B shop, where you can see current prices and stock at all times.

With Gardena you will find a company that believes that garden tools must be functional, innovative and user-friendly. Therefore, Gardena offers not only traditional garden tools, but also combi systems for the tools. These are systems that allow the tools to be combined in a wide range of different ways. It must be a pleasure to work in the garden. And so, it will be with Gardena's combi systems. Explore our selection of wholesale Gardena combi systems to competitive prices. Order the products you need for your retail store or web shop easily and conveniently in bulk.

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With its classic orange and gray design, the Gardena System for garden irrigation has almost become an integral part of gardens all over the world. Gardena System was created in 1968 with the idea that a simple system would be created that could be installed on all common faucets and that could be easily expanded. At the same time, it should be easy to switch to different nozzles. The Gardena system was fully successful with its characteristic "click" when the nozzle is attached to the hose coupling. As your Gardena supplier we always offer you fast and worldwide shipping.

No matter if you need irrigation tools, pumps, lawn care tools, wood or shrubbery tools or tillage, Gardena is guaranteed to have what you are looking for. Gardena is one of the most award-winning manufacturers of garden equipment, and words such as low weight, excellent ergonomics and comfort are completely natural in connection with Gardena's products. Choose Entertainment Trading A/S as your Gardena distributor and get Gardena wholesale products at great prices and quantities.

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